Looking for a Christian radio station to enjoy every day?

Then you’re going to love Radio for Life! We’re a Christian radio station that plays multiple genres of music. Of course, all the bands and acts are Christian in nature.

Are you looking for a way to praise Christ on the go?

As you listen to our station, we hope that your life will be blessed by what you hear.

It is our hope that not only will the music encourage you in your daily walk with our Lord, but that the devotional features and the daily ministry programs will challenge you to learn God’s word and his plan for your life.

At any time that you need a reminder of God’s love and mercy, we are here for you.

If the songs involve worshiping and honoring Christ, you will hear it on our station. We’re true music lovers as well as devout Christians. In addition to music, we have a wonderful list of Christian programming. These include sermons, family talk issues, Q&A sessions, and so much more.

Listen Whenever you have time
Busy During Regular Church Hours?

Our station is great if you work during regular church hours. Now you can get your weekly praise in on the go! Be sure to check out our extensive schedule on this website. It’ll cue you in on which programs to expect when.
Check out:
Our Listen Page for available listening options and
Our Schedule for show info and times.

Gospel Time and Sermons

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Variety of Music Genres

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Family Talk, Q&A, and more

Don’t wait to start listening to Radio for Life!

If you like our station, be sure to tune in to us via our Listen page, the Live365 app on the Apple store , or the Live 365 App on Google Play Store. Once the app has been downloaded, find us by searching for “Radio for Life Texas” using the search box of the Live365 app, then tap to activate.

To get in touch with us, feel free to email us.